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Yet another Friday night and I find myself on the couch…. at home… watching TV. So eventful, provocative, and scandalous. Not only is it hot and heavy, but it’s also well below 20 degrees outside; therefore, I’ve attempted to form close corridors among friends to gather body heat. Don’t worry, we’re fully clothed. For how long? You’ll never know. Whether one is out partying on a Friday night or staying in, a celebration should be underway. A celebration to recognize the values we share on a daily basis. Or monthly…. and this month is February. The last night of Black History Month is upon us…. Sooooo, the only suitable option for a beer review would be something dark, rich, and groovy….


Hoppin’ Frog Brewery - B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher

Featuring the one and only Hoppin’ Frog Brewery out of Akron, Ohio. Home of the Zips and beer drinking frogs. A zip is a kangaroo I guess. So Akron is filled with frogs, zips, breweries, andddd Drew Carey? No wait that’s Cleveland. Close enough. This frog looks super jacked, must be all the proteins in THE CRUSHER!

The CRUSHER pours a deep dark brown, thin, dark tan head. Spotty, viscous retention. Mouthfeel is heavy, but not overwhelming. Surprisingly stable carbonation, considering it’s been aging for a few years. The aroma is bold, dark roast coffee, with rich dark chocolate, blanketed with subtle notes of plum and prune. Almost smells like a fruit-roasted coffee cake, layered with dark chocolate icing. With a 9.4% ABV, the heat is well controlled by the malt bill…. which is a good sign. 

Here is where the CRUSHER sets an impact on the palate. A pungent, bittersweet cocoa kicks off the flavor. It transitions to a drier, earthy characteristic with mineral and licorice notes. Almost get a slight lingering note of mint. The crushing currant and chocolate in the beginning gets gently clotheslined and caressed with the earthier, more herbal notes. A nutty molasses lingers in the aftertaste. Many different stages in the taste here, a complex crusher. Seems rough on the outside, but gentle and elaborate on the inside. Kind of like me. Me and the CRUSHER frog would make a good dynamic duo. That’s it. I’m writing a letter to Marvel Comics. Drink Responsibly. Over & Out!

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