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Secondary Fermentation #boom #weekend #beer #belgianpaleale #craftbeer #brewcam #brewing #homebrew

Brew Of The Week (BOTW) 7.19.14

Just as I thought I was going to head to the library to kick my weekend off, I decided to sit back on the couch and drink another beer. Thank God It’s Friday. It’s not quite dinner time yet so there’s a half open window of time that allows me to indulge in an ice-cold brew-ha before I eat… with another ice-cold brew-ha. A hard work-week tends to increase the craving and/or indulging and/or consuming and/or binging of craft brews. It is what it is.


Upslope Brewing Co. - Belgian Style Pale Ale

A second review in a row with a Belgian Pale Ale / Saison? Deal with it. That’s how Brewocracy rolls. Kickin’ ass and taking names, with beer in hand. And Upslope was kind enough to send us their variety 12-pack in cans. If you Upslope folks are reading this….. thank you very much! I will show you my utmost attentiveness and focus… SQUIRREL…. and uh, what was I talking about? Oh yea, and I will show you every ounce of gratitude out of my soul to this delicious flavor grenade you have shipped to Brewocracy HQ. 

This Belgian PA pours a clean, translucent honey color with a soft, frothy white head. Retention gives off a frothy sheet, quickly dissipating down the edges of this fancy fuckin’ wine glass. God damn this glass is fancy. Anyway, mouthfeel is light to medium with firm carbonation, bolstered to compete against the Belgian elements of this Upslope beast. Aroma provides a bouquet of faint caramel, ginger, candi sugar, coriander, blood orange, lemon… and believe it or not, a touch of earthy/cinnamon characteristics. Taste kicks off with sweet Belgian candi sugar, biscuit, coriander, mango, pungent blood orange, apricot, with a zesty lemongrass finish. The fruity esters emitted from the Belgian yeast grabbed this beer by the horns and enjoyed the ride. 

Upslope didn’t disappoint with this guy. Fine quality. Man, you guys got great looking cans…. I mean, man, you have great looking packages… I mean, fuck it. You make great beer is what I’m trying to say. Your generosity will not be forgotten. Who knows, maybe you’ll see Brewocracy at your doorstep within the next year… But in the meantime, continue to be motherfucking sorcerers. Drink Responsibly. Over & Out. 

Upslope Brewing - Belgian Style Pale Ale #craftbeer #beer #tgif #happyhour #irunshit #brewcam

Upslope Brewing - Belgian Style Pale Ale #craftbeer #beer #tgif #happyhour #irunshit #brewcam

Brew Of The Week (BOTW) 7.18.14

Mmm mid-July is upon us. The sun is glaring, providing me with rays of heat and light, thick humidity, and a steady stream of perspiration flowing down my ass-crack… for lack of a better term…. swamp ass. But I’m not one to complain about the summer months; boating, beaching, day-drinking, night-drinking, anytime-of-day-drinking, females, females in revealing clothing, and swamp ass. Life is beautiful. Thank God it’s Friday… and it’s Happy Hour.. which means its 5am… uh I mean 5pm.

Brooklyn Brewery - Sorachi Ace

Yeah, that’s right. I poured it in a wine glass. Cause I’m a fancy motherfucker. That seems fairly ironic considering it came from a bottle without a label. Hence the reason why Brewocracy can get exclusive bottles straight from the brewery for sampling. Back to being fancy, bitches. 

Sorachi Ace is a classic interpretation of a Saison… in other words… a Belgian Farmhouse Ale, used with Belgian Farmhouse yeast. Brooklyn Brewery used their very own strain of Belgian yeast to brew this beast… that rhymed. I’m fancy, I get it. The beer’s name derives from a hybrid-hop called “Sorachi” (go figure) first developed in the 1970s in Japan, primarily for a brewery we all know… Sapporo… the Sake bomb beer. The hop is known for its’ intense lemon/citrus characteristics. 

Ace pours a bright, golden-orange hue, with a thin, firm white head. Retention is firm, velvety, and slow….. fancy. Lemon in the aroma? NO FUCKING WAY! Sorachi hops did not fail in this batch. Tea, orange, coriander, and florals follow up in the nose. Mouthfeel is medium, with a fine, abundant carbonation facilitated by the champagne yeast added in bottle conditioning. Starts off mellow and ends perfectly dry. Taste has a brilliant…….. lemon characteristic, with other well-rounded flavors of tea, honey, and herbs with light touches of mint and dill, finishing up with a dry doughy lemon-tart essence. 

Brooklyn Brewery got all up in your face with this one. No messin’ around, no playing games. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Sorachi Ace is placed in the elite category as far as I’m concerned. Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of Friday. It will probably involve reading at the library….. meditating…. even church…. to pray for my bad habits. Drink Responsibly. Over & Out.

Brooklyn Brewery - Sorachi Ace #craftbeer #beer #saison #belgian #brooklyn #tgif #happyhour

Brooklyn Brewery - Sorachi Ace #craftbeer #beer #saison #belgian #brooklyn #tgif #happyhour

Beer anyone??? #craftbeer #beer #summer #tgif @brooklynbrewery @drinxunlimited #brewcam

Beer anyone??? #craftbeer #beer #summer #tgif @brooklynbrewery @drinxunlimited #brewcam

Weyerbacher - Nineteen (Mango Blended Witbier) @drinxunlimited #craftbeer #beer #witbier #belgian #mango #thirstythursday #brewcam

Weyerbacher - Nineteen (Mango Blended Witbier) @drinxunlimited #craftbeer #beer #witbier #belgian #mango #thirstythursday #brewcam

Brew Of The Week (BOTW) 7.10.14

Independence Day has passed and gone away; yet I still feel dependent on the lovely libation we call beer. Not a bad thing I suppose. However, Brewocracy is independent as aspiring craft beer lovers, and we choose what we drink, choose what we drink out of, and ultimately, show the world independent breweries making a name for themselves. Despite the time of year, independence in this industry is what America is all about… making a name for yourself. Capitalism bitches. Not bitches that are capitalists…. it’s just a figure of speech. An independent figure of speech. So what’s on the menu?

Old Dominion Brewing - Oak Barrel Stout

do-min-ion: the power or right of governing or controlling

Thanks to dictionary.com, we find something out that we already know. Old “Dominion” is an independent brewery that is self-governing/controlling aka running shit, kicking ass, and taking names. The label is pretty bad-ass too. Let’s drink it now…

This American Stout clocks out at 6% ABV. BeerAdvocate has it listed at 6.1%… you guys are .1% off… get your shit together. Kidding. The Oak Barrel Stout pours a color of leather-bound books and smells of rich mahogany… oops, those are lines from Anchorman. What we meant to say is it pours a deep, dark brown with shades of deep mahogany under the light. Head is thin and well established, bearing a light-mocha color, with quick, viscous retention. Aroma is super roasty with a subtle smoked peat characteristic. Rich, dark chocolate and vanilla finish the job in the nostril department. Oak chips don’t emerge as much in the aroma… slightly and elegantly. Mouthfeel is light to medium with coalescing carbonation. Roasted, chocolate, and smoked malt play a balancing act in the taste. Vanilla and oak are subtle characteristics, playing a complementary role… which is what you want out of a beer of this style/ABV. 

The Oak Barrel Stout has many similar characteristics to a dry stout in sense of the body, mouthfeel, and carbonation. Complex qualities of… well… high quality. We’d definitely crush these.. even in broad daylight… in 90 degree weather. Call us freaks… independent freaks. Don’t hate the players, hate the game. Drink Responsibly. Over & Out.

Old Dominion Brewing - Oak Barrel Stout w/ vanilla beans @leblancj3 #craftbeer #beer #brewcam #stout #vanilla #oak #humpday

Old Dominion Brewing - Oak Barrel Stout w/ vanilla beans @leblancj3 #craftbeer #beer #brewcam #stout #vanilla #oak #humpday